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What's Voxopop?

Voxopop is a web-tool that allows users to create online discussions. It is FREE and doesn’t require any installation. All what you need is just to create an account and have a microphone to record your voice. Voxopop is a very useful tool because it brings people from different countries together in a secure environment where they can share ideas and experiences, convey feelings and develop new attitudes towards others’ cultures.

How to use it in Classrooms?
  1. Students can use it to introduce themselves at the beginning of the new school year and talk about their interests and hobbies as an ice-breaking activity.
  2. Students can use it to discuss some topics or questions posed during the lesson as an extended learning activity outside the classroom.
  3. Students listen to others’ opinions in a certain talkgroup about an issue, and then respond to them by recording their viewpoints.
  4. It can be used as an assessment tool where students respond to a question to assess their ability to speak.
  5. It can be used as a reflective tool where students can create a talkgroup to reflect on their experiences after lessons and the problems they face.
  6. Students can use it to help and scaffold each other in completing home assignments.
  7. Students and teachers from different countries can collaborate with each other using Voxopop to introduce their cultures and build a learning community.
  8. Students can use it as an oral presentation space to present their writings during lessons.
  9. Students can use it to read stories, articles or play roles to be used in the classrooms later.
  10. Teacher can create a private talkgroup for parents to communicate with them and responding to their questions about the progress of their children.

How to Record a Voice Messages Using Voxopop?